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Do You Really Need a Home Inspection for your Oak Harbor home?

Even if you are not a first time buyer, there are great benefits to having a home inspection. If you are new to the real estate world, having a home inspection for your Oak Harbor home may seem like a form of insurance if you don't know as much about houses as you would like. But there are many reasons for a home inspection on top of the typical, not buy it because... reason.

1. Get a home inspection because this is your biggest asset.
For the majority of people buying Island county real estate this will be their biggest asset overall. It will be the largest investment most people will have and to not find out everything they can about it, can really cost them in the future. Before you buy a home make sure you know all about the wiring, plumbing, and major issues like roof and foundation. These are issues that can be costly to fix or replace and this can determine if you want to tackle that in the future.

2. Having a home inspection can prepare you for future repairs.
You may not need to replace the furnace just yet, but a good inspector can tell you about when you will need to. Then you can save specifically for that so when the time comes, you have that money set aside just for that issue. This goes for the roof and other issues as well. If you are not staying in the home a long time, you may need to consider these costs when you go to sell also as many buyers will want these issues taken care of at that time.

3. Don't underestimate having an additional inspection
Inspections are one of those out-of-pocket expenses that really is worth the money. Knowing all you can about your home can literally save you money and peace of mind. Inspectors know a little bit about everything and some know a little more about one area or another. But if they feel that an additional inspection is needed, heed their advice. This could be on a sewer or septic system, pest invasion or insulation issue. Many times these inspections can be more costly, but it really will be better then realizing shortly after you bought the house that it needs a new $12,000 septic system.

With these tips in mind, go into homeownership fully equipped with as much knowledge about the home as possible. For more tips on Whidbey Island real estate and Oak Harbor homes, don't hesitate to contact us. We work with professionals all over the island that know what they are doing!