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Oak Harbor has a special charm all its ownOak Harbor has a special charm all its own.

Located near the center of Whidbey Island's eastern shoreline, Oak Harbor is home to about 23,000 fortunate residents.

The island was named for the large number of Garry Oak trees and the wonderful harbor that gives way to a graceful waterfront community. Oak Harbor's distinctive charm is due to the unique mix of people who make the most of the island they call home.

Rich in pioneer heritage, Oak Harbor has retained touches of its hearty past. The community grew quickly as wave after wave of immigrant settlers arrived from Norway, Switzerland, Ireland and later Holland. Each group added to the unique culture and history of Oak Harbor.

The world eventually came to Oak Harbor with the Civilian Conservation Corps construction of the Deception Pass Bridge. This national historic monument was built to span two waterways, connecting Whidbey Island to Fidalgo Island over Canoe Pass and Deception Pass. The result is a one of a kind bridge that draws visitors from around the world.

Close by is Washington's ever-popular Deception Pass State Park. Boasting 4100 acres, it features campsites, forest lands, trails and scenic viewpoints of Mount Baker, the San Juan Islands and Victoria Island, British Columbia. Deception Pass State Park brings the Northwest experience to a whole new level. 

During the rainy season, locals often find refuge in the abundant night life available in downtown Oak Harbor. One highlight is the Whidbey Playhouse, a theatre and production company that brings major drama and entertainment to the Island. The theatre is warm and inviting and the plays are sure to bring everyone a smile. The ticket prices are great too!
Oak Harbor plays host to the nearby Whidbey Island Naval Air Station, a major facility that adds to the all-American feel of the community. Finding goods and services is not a problem as many businesses came to the community to serve the air station's needs.

Oak Harbor thinks highly of its children. There are five elementary schools, two middle schools and one high school in the school district. The community shows strong support the Oak Harbor High School Wildcats, whether it is soccer, football, basketball or one of the other 39 sports sponsored by the school. Language studies and advanced placement courses along with a great special services division make sure that students leave the high school well prepared for life.

Oak Harbor locals and naval personnel alike enjoy the warm, sunny Northwest summers and mild winters. There is no shortage of things to do outdoors as the island features extensive walking and cycling trails.

You might say that the Oak Harbor experience is best enjoyed slowly, moving from one unique store to another, taking time to savor plenty of coffee or tea stops. It is a destination that is not only out of the way, but out of the ordinary.

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