Oak Harbor Real Estate

Selling your Oak Harbor Real Estate?

Selling Island county homes

They may never be a more stressful time then when you are trying to sell your Whidbey Island home. Now especially is a tough time and it is really no time to go about it on your own. For a sale in this market you need professional experienced agents that have run the gamut of the Oak Harbor real estate market and know what sells, when it sells and for what price.

Our agents are specialists when it comes to listing and selling but there are some key tips you can do as a homeowner to prepare you home before you list.

Repair anything that needs it.
Many people have grand ideas and projects they want to do when they first move in but as the shiny newness wears off many of those projects go forgotten or on the back burner. You may need to think back to when you first purchased your Oak Harbor home and what it needed at the time. This is a sellers market and buyers have so many choices now. You will want to present them with a home with few if no flaws and completely updated.  Sellers are also competing with new homes that boast a model showroom for buyers. All those minor and perhaps major repairs will need to be addressed before you list.

Consider updating or re-painting
New fresh colors can make a world of difference and with brand news home on the market you will need to compete with the best. If you can't afford a complete new paint job on the outside, consider touching up the trim or changing the color. Also, make sure all paint tones inside are appropriate for the room size and warm and inviting.

Pack away all personal and unnecessary items.
You will need to pack them away eventually, now is a good time to start. Clear the home of any clutter including furniture that doesn't lend itself to the flow of the room. Keep wall decor neutral and inviting. You want buyers to see themselves in the home, not you.

For more information on how to stage, price and sell your Island County real estate please contact us. We can help price your home and offer strategies for a quick sale.