Oak Harbor Real Estate

Don't make these crucial mistakes when selling your Island County real estate.

If you are considering selling your Oak Harbor home or land you have to Don't make these crucial mistakes when selling your Island County real estate.seriously think about all the details involved in selling in this market. If you are selling just to see what you can get for the home, now is not the time. If you have a lot of equity tied up in the home and can afford to sell a little below your estimated value, then you may be ready but for those that don't necessarily have to sell and don't have a lot of equity, now may not be the time.

One of the biggest mistakes sellers make is whether or not they actually need to sell. If you don't need to sell but want to try it anyway, It adds more inventory to an already flooded market and brings the price of everyone else's homes down even more. To create demand, don't list your home until you must. If there is a job change, lifestyle adjustment or economic reason for the move, then you are one of the home sellers that must list your property. The market is for you and making sure you have the right agent to market and sell your home is critical.

 Once you have decided on selling, have a great agent ready to work hard to sell your home, now is the time to step back and get unemotional. This is not the time to stay emotionally attached to the home. Is it not a piece of property to be marketed and sold. You must dress it up as such. See our seller's tips for information on how to stage your home.  Or get a copy of the 29 things you must do to sell your home.

Time to take down the personal memorabilia and make the home as if it was a resort or hotel. Completely neutral but still warm and inviting. Check the smells, the cleanliness, the decor. Now is the time to put on your creative marketing hat and find out what you would want to see if you were touring the home for the first time. Does the outside invite buyers in? Is there enough room to move about the home? Are all the rooms laid out as they were intended?

Also, you want to be flexible with buyers. Buyers have a wide range of choices in today's market and if you are stubborn, inflexible or unrealistic, they may simply move on to the house down the street. Now this doesn't mean you must give the home away, but in terms of showing, be flexible to the buyers time schedule. Be ready to clear out at a moment's notice.

Rather than get frustrated with a low ball offer, negotiate as if you were trying to buy the home for the lowest price. You may be surprised at who ends up buying and at what price. Stay unemotional during the negotiation period.

These are simple tips but ones that many sellers don't consider before or during listing of their home. For more information on listing your specific Whidbey Island real estate please contact us anytime. We have agents that specialize in all areas of Island county real estate.