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Why you should stage your home on Whidbey Island 

Staging has become a relatively new concept over the last decade. Most sellers would simply clean up their homes the best they could and repair any maintenance needs. Now, buyers are seeing and comparing model showroom homes to those from individual sellers and some homeowners just can't compete.

There are some ways to set your home apart though from the scores of model homes that buyers are ushered through every day. Here are some tips to keep in mind when listing and staging your Whidbey Island real estate.

Buyers are buying square footage. They want to see the space and how spacious areas really are. If you closets, pantries and cupboards are crammed full, the buyer will get the impression there is not enough space. Remember, model homes only  have a couple dishes, a couple items in the closets and orgainized minmal food. Of course you have to eat and still wear your clothes. The trick is finding the balance. The shorter your home is on the market the less time you will need to live like this. Pack away half your clothing if you can and organize the pantry as neat as possible with open spaces if you can. Pack most dishes away and have just a couple items on each shelf.

This also goes with furniture. If you have large pieces or many small ones, consider removing several items. Leave just enough for comfortable seating or if it's a bedroom, the bed, dresser and night stand should be the only items unless the room is extremely large. A quiet sitting area can create a soothing sense of space for buyers. But don't do this unless you have plenty of room.

Each room should be set up as it was intended. Has the office also turned into the playroom? If you are worried about staging children's rooms, get bins and sealable containers to neatly hide and pack things away. Even a couple simple stacks in the closet can give the sense of easy organization.

If you have a breakfast nook or sunroom, create a space for reading by adding a couple books stacked on the table with fresh flowers in a vase. During open houses or showings, a bottle of wine and two glasses give an inviting appeal to buyers. A set table with fresh greenery or flower also brightens the room.

Take down all family photos, memorabilia and collections. If you have a set of 5 vases, group them in threes. Sets of threes add a calming sense.

Think of the best hotel you have ever stayed in. Try and dress the colors, decor and design around this. If you need extra inspiration, tour the open houses and model homes yourself. This is the best way to glean great ideas.

For more tips on staging your particular Island County real estate, please contact us anytime. We would be happy to present a listing package for you and offer suggestions on your home.