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What is your Whidbey island or Oak Harbor Home Worth?

Are you considering selling your Oak Harbor, WA, home? Selling your home can seem like quite the hassle, but with the right help, you will sell your home for a maximum profit in no time. There are plenty of steps that go into selling your home, but one of the first steps you should be taking is settling on an asking price. Your asking price will determine the popularity of your Oak Harbor home. Setting the asking price too high or too low can be detrimental to the profit you receive for your home, or how long your home remains on the market. However, with the help from our agents, you will be able to find the perfect asking price. The first tool you should use to help you find out your asking price is the “Home Value” tool that is displayed below. This tool will take all of the information provided about your home, and generate the value of your home as it sits today. This tool is also very beneficial to people who are simply looking to save some money on their mortgage. If your home is more valuable now than when you bought it, you might be eligible for a refinance on your loan. In addition to your home’s value, there are a few other important details for you to take into consideration when settling on an asking price. The median asking price for a home in Oak Harbor is $334,000 as of July 2017, which is a significant $56,000 increase from May 2014. The median asking price per square foot for a home in Oak Harbor is $180 per square foot as of July 2017. The appreciation rate for Island County has increased by 10.2% in the last year. As well as the value of your home, you should take the statistics and data into account when settling on an asking price. These statistics will help you generate a number that follows the housing market trends.

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